Places to go, people to see.

After Reboot Develop 2017 it’s time to apply to some other conferences as well. Most of them require applicants to send builds or game keys a couple of months in advance. That’s always a dilemma for a developer – when to send the build – because you’re always haunted by thoughts that you can put in just a couple of extra features in there and polish that one asset just a little bit more. And then you end up staying up all nights and sending the build in the last possible minute, because of course there were a ton of issues that needed resolving after everything was added.

After we filled out the application form for PAX West (in the last possible minute of course), it was time to apply for IndieCade Festival. This time we wanted to do it differently and do a content lock for the build at least a week prior to sending the build over to the good people of IndieCade. We lowered the amount of special weapons in the build from 35-40 and left only our 10-12 favorites in it.

If any of you good people will be at GamesCom in the business area, you’re more than welcome to contact us and stop by for a beer. We’ll be there as well 😉


And what is there to show?

Ok, remember we mentioned that the environments are being reworked and the new art style is being implemented? Well we finished the desert environment completely. But take a look at the rest of the environments. They are still WIP though.






The 5th environment is in the works and looks awesome even though it’s not close to finished! Check out this Greek-ish piece of candy!



The final boss is being worked on and it’s going to be freaking huge! The battle is going to be epic and it won’t be just one fight! Screenshots coming soon!

We added a new button for players to use. Drop weapon! If you’re not happy with the current weapon, and you see another crate coming your way, you can now use the drop button to throw your current weapon and break the crate and get a new weapon. Destroying crates while you still have ammo in the current special weapon will only refill the ammo for it, not give you a new weapon.

When you destroy obstacles and enemies they explode into tiny cube fragments. You can now collect those cubes and get an even higher score! We are still playing with the fragments idea and changes might come to that feature as well.

We are also playing with enemy tiers, so when you finish one loop, the enemies get harder during the 2nd one. You will see Kamikaze and Bombers in shining armor and they will be able to take more damage.

Bosses might also get new moves in later loops, but that’s something that will talk about some other time 😉