…and this was a fun and productive one.


Good Game Zagreb

Good Game” is the largest regional charity eSports tournament,  and the same as last year, it was being held at HUB385 in Zagreb.

Having twice as many visitors and competitors than last year, the two floors of HUB385 were packed! We were invited by the event organizer Nikola to showcase our game. As eager as we were to show off the new art style and improved visuals, only 2 out of 4 environments have been reworked all the way through, so we were in a bit of a dilemma. Do we show the more finished but less pretty version of the game? Or do we show the unfinished but gorgeously beautiful new version of the game? The decision was made in the last minute to switch to the new version and we didn’t regret it. When you eavesdrop other people at events like these and hear them talking about your game in superlatives through and through, it’s hard not to feel proud and hyped up!

The other thing that was super important to us at Good Game was…well…the Rocket League tournament! Being huge fans of Rocket League, we applied for the tournament with high hopes of winning! Since there were six of us from Binx at Good Game, and the tournament was played in 2v2 matches, we applied with 3 teams.  There were two separate tournaments played in two consecutive days, on Saturday and Sunday. Our first team – Red Rocket – won on Saturday without losing a single match and always with at least 6 goals difference. We also got to play with the winners of the Sunday tournament, and won that as well! It’s safe to say that we are the ultimate Good Game Rocket League tournament champions! Bragging rights and everything included! Plus the watches that we got for 1st place are super sweet!

But what about the game, you say? 

Well looks like the change in the art style hit the players right in the sweet spot! We decided to go with the clean look because it makes it a lot more easier to differentiate the enemies from obstacles, the outline on the players (green and blue) makes it a lot more easier for co-op players to differentiate each other – something that can be an issue in fast paced co-op games such as this. The game looks a bit more “cartoony” and goes really nicely with the blocky style.

Here are some screenshots to show you how it looks. We’ll upload more screenshots as we progress!

We are currently working on builds for the consoles and already have a build up and running on PlayStation 4. Next week we’ll try a different console. Wait and see which one!

The overall pacing of the game is getting an overhaul so we can expect to have a lot more control over enemy spawn rates and when the variations will happen.

We made changes to our destruction system. Objects and enemies now explode and fall apart into tiny cubes upon being destroyed. It’s something we really liked when looking at Resogun from Housemarque and we took some inspiration from their game.

Player stats have been added to show after the end of the run, alongside the rest of the changes.

Some of the new weapons that are in currently in the works are Orbital Strike, Air Strike, Laser Pistol, Cannon and Drone. The last one will hover by your side and shot at all enemies that approach you!

We are also implementing vehicles into the game, to further diversify the gameplay! The Humvee is already in the game and fully playable. Players will need to avoid herds of Werebulls coming up from behind them, or ram them if they come too close. Oh, and you can shoot them too! But that one is obvious.