The boys are back in town!

By “boys” we mean “bosses” of course. And we just added another one in SS: I Hate Running Backwards. We already introduced ScrapJack and Lava Golem. Next up – Scorpion King! You can check out the sneak peek for Scorpion King intro below.  You’ll have to watch out for his acid spit and miniguns when he’s chasing after you. But in the second phase of his attacks Scorpion King digs himself below the ground and tries to hit you with his tail. And if that isn’t enough, a bunch of Hatchling Antaresian Spiders are coming for you as well. It’s going to be a pretty fierce boss fight for players.

What else is there?

A lot actually. We added completely new introduction videos for the rest of the bosses, as well as animations when they are defeated.

Weapons system and ammo pick ups have seen an overhaul, and players switch between main weapons (Shotgun, Assault Rifle) and special weapons.  Speaking of special weapons, there will be A LOT of those. Flamethrower,  Gauss Cannon, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Crossbow, Minigun and Automatic Shotgun being just the tip of the iceberg with more on the way. Ammo pick ups have received a make over, as well as the new special weapon crates.

But the biggest change to the weapons system is the ability to dual wield your main weapon and special weapon at the same time using both triggers on the controller.  Talk about awesome fire power!  Want to shoot your Minigun and Shotgun at the same time? We got your back. Gauss Cannon and Assault Rifle for mowing down wave after wave of enemies? Sure thing. However, it will require a lot of testing and reworking, as it changes the gameplay a lot.

Kleer animations were added in a particularly cool part of a level, where they climb up the walls and attack you in full force.


Werk werk werk werk werk werk…

A lot of work ahead, yes.  Next stop is a complete overhaul of the in-game UI, new bosses and enemies, and introductions for each of them.  New sound effects are being implemented as  we speak, with most of them already in place. NETRICSA is also on the list and will be implemented in the game.


Testing testing! Attention please.

We had a bunch of real life users from the studio next door stop by and test the game and give us their feedback. It was a unanimous decision that the gameplay is fun and boss fights exciting! Check out those happy faces in the pics below!


Stay tuned for more on SS:IHRB!