Day & Night cycle – We added a cool day & night cycle to add a little more randomness to the game. The light changes over a 10 second period, while the position of “the sun” changes during a 60 second period.



Added fog – A pretty good looking fog effect to make the medieval cemetery levels look even spookier. Coupled with a new time of day changing cycle, you’re in for a real treat.



NETRICSA (NEuro-TRonically Implanted Combat Situation Analyser) – The all-knowing NETRICSA is back with all the information that you need to know about enemies and weapons in the game. The content will get unlocked as you progress through the game and meet new foes or pick up new weapons.



Updated UI –  In-game UI has also seen a bit of a refreshment, with weapons info moving to the side of the screen and new effects for your Special Ability meter. Melee Weapon cool down time is now visible above the players head after each use, so you know exactly when it’s ready for another use.

Added muzzle flash – Since we added day & night cycles, it was logical to make the weapons pop out a bit more. Weapons now look a lot better during night times, especially energy based ones!



New weapon crates – We switched to unified ammo crates for your 2 main weapons, and with that in mind we remodeled them completely. They now come in 3 different sizes though – small, medium and large.



More sfx – New sound effects have been added to the game, from breaking obstacles to laser weapons.

New grounds added – To further diversify the environment we added a couple of extra grounds for existing environments (Desert, Aztec and Medieval), with plenty more on the way.

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See you soon!