A new update of course.

And here are just some of the things that we updated since the last time you heard from us.

We updated the menu since we didn’t quite feel the last one fitted the game. We changed the color from blue to a more fitting red and yellow pixelated font combination, with a simple background to match it.


And since we’re on the subject of colors, we added a little bit more saturation and hue to the textures, some filters, and the game now looks more vibrant and…well – alive! The colors pop out and the game looks fresh if you compare it to how it looked before the change.  You can compare the previous version of the medieval level to the new jungle level.



New special weapons have been added, and now that number is homing in around 20.  We plan to go all out with imaginative weaponry and you can expect a full list of current weapons soon.

Particle effects have been further improved on both weapons and projectile trails.

Player spawn control has been added as well. Up until now, if one of the players died during a co-op session, they would spawn back in the center of the screen when a certain amount of distance was traveled by the surviving player.  Now, the spawning player can directly control where and when on the screen they want to spawn. Situations where players are spawned in the middle of an enemy swarm are now avoided, as well as spawning on the edge of a cliff, or over a canyon.

A new boss is on the works, and for that we have chosen to go with Biomechanoid!

New enemies like the Firecracker and Bomber have been added, along with a couple of others.

A new Cave environment is in the works as well, and we will have a couple of screenshots ready for you to see.

If you thought that the enemies were the only danger for you in SS:IHRB – think again! We’ll have booby traps set across levels, so that the danger comes from the players back, not just the front.


We attended the GameUp 2017 event that took place at Belgrade Youth Center venue in Belgrade, Serbia on 18 March.  The venue was packed with both exhibitors and visitors throughout the day. We can safely say that the venue could’ve been twice as big, and still be packed to the brim!

Here are some badly taken photos of the event. Buying a better camera is now definitely on our list.

But what was really special about the event for us is that we turned up 2nd in the Best Indie Game awards with Serious Sam: I Hate Running Backwards, out of more than 25 games that were shown at the venue! The reaction of the audience to the game was great with people lining up to play the game. We’re now taking the valuable feedback that we gathered there from the audience to create the next update  of the game. And to prepare it for the next show for exhibition.


…is Reboot Develop 2017!

One of the biggest and exclusive game dev conferences in Europe is being held in Hotel Sheraton in Dubrovnik, Croatia this year. The numbers so far say that there will be more than a 100 speakers and more than 1000 attendees throughout 3 days and 5 tracks.

If you’re in this part of Europe at the time, there is no reason not to visit!

But what are our plans for Serious Sam ’till then? SS:IHRB version for Reboot Develop will contain 20 different weapons, 10 different enemies, 4 different bosses and 4 different environments. We have around 5 weeks to get the job done so stay tuned if you want to see the progress!

We’ll be showcasing 2 games, one being Serious Sam (of course), and the other Monster Loops (previously known as Catch Match), that in development for both iOS and Android platforms.


You’ll hear from us again, we’re not going anywhere 😉